Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Apple trees planted

Just finished planting three apple trees that I bought from Stark Bros.  A GoldRush Apple Dwarf, Enterprise Apple Dwarf and a Jonafree Apple Semi Dwarf.  Hopefully in a year or 2 I will have fresh apples.  If you have the space I highly recommend that you plant apple trees or another type of fruit tree.  Nothing is better than planting a tree one time and being rewarded for years for your work.  For those storing food, being able to pick and eat fresh fruit gives that food variety you need to survive the coming collapse.  Having multiple sources of food is a must if you want to be truly prepared.

Check out the photos of my apple trees being planted:

GoldRush Apple Dwarf

Jonafree Apple Semi-Dwarf - For those wondering I did make the hole bigger to fit the roots.

Enterprise Apple Dwarf


  1. Congrats! We planted 8 fruit trees a couple years ago and thus far have only harvested 1 pear LOL. I'm hoping this is our year!

  2. Don't forget to protect 'em,(can we say fencing?) especially if you have marauding deer. They will eat those tender little trees down to the ground, if given the chance.

    Plant More !!


  3. Bob, thanks for reminding me about the deer. I just finished putting some temporary field fencing around each tree.

  4. Went to a farmers auction today, in middle of nowhere, dayton pa. there was about a 100 hundred pickup trucks and 1 car there ! Had my eye on a portable chicken coup real cool ! thinking about getting one even though im not ready for chickens, right now. we then stoped and talk to some Amish friends, they said there is a law coming, to controll the sale of the food they grow and sell. They will have to put a 11 foot fence around there gardens to keep all animals away from the food they grow for sale. they cant afford that, its getting crazy my friend get prepared for real! its a coming !

  5. Hi,
    I'm thinking about buying the same 3 trees from the same place (Stark Bros.). How did your trees turn out after 1 year? What should I expect?

  6. Hi Anonymous,

    The trees were OK. Since it was the first year they did not bear any fruit. They should bear fruit this year or next. You should know that they are still susceptible to cedar apple rust and other diseases so you still may have to treat the trees accordingly.