Sunday, March 13, 2011

Construct a Raised Bed with Wooden Pallets

I have been preparing my garden for seeding and this year I'm going to use raised beds.  I was about to buy some lumber but I decided I should be able to somehow use the wooden pallets I have collected to create the raised beds.  After searching the internet I borrowed an idea from the Organigasmic YouTube channel.

Below are some photos of how I constructed my raised bed.  The bed is 3 feet wide x 8 feet long.  I used leftover fencing to hold all the pieces together and some screws.  I used 3 pallets to complete the bed.

This particular bed will be for carrots.  Last year those damn rabbits and gophers nibbled on my carrots.  Hopefully, the raised bed will slow them down.  LOL.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Plain old pallet

Cutting of the pallet

3 foot end wall for raised bed

8 foot side wall for raised bed

First side wall installed

Second side wall installed

Completed raised bed