Thursday, April 22, 2010

Music to prepare the mind

I listen to all kinds of music: rap, country, R&B, rock, alternative, etc.  If it sounds good and the words have real meaning then I will probably like it.  One band I really like is Pokerface.  Their music has real meaning and can get you into that survival/rebel/protest mindset.  Below are some of Pokerface's songs.  Enjoy and get prepared.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Tear It Down

Revolution - Unplugged

I'd Rather Die Than Be A Slave


Prayer For America

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Onions and Apples

I haven't posted in awhile.  Continuing to prepare for what's coming.  Be sure you do the same!

The gardening is coming along.  The spinach is finally growing, the buttercrunch lettuce is slowly coming up and Big John's Amish Snap Peas are all up, a 90% germination rate.  The Paris Island romaine lettuce that I planted did not germinate at all.  Make sure you have a backup plan if your seeds do not germinate.  It happens and you must be prepared.  The more seeds you store the better. 

I just planted some Red Baron Onion Sets. Since I like to be different I did not plant the onion sets directly in the ground.  Instead I followed Ruth Stout's advice and just placed them on top of the ground and a thin layer of hay and then placed a few inches of hay on top.  I did add some soybean meal on the ground and on the hay for a natural fertilizer.  This is my first time growing onions so we will see what happens.

Check out the photos of my onions being planted and a few more photos of my apple trees.  Thanks to IdahoBob for reminding me to fence my apple trees.  The day after I fenced my apple trees the deer roamed into my yard trying to get those trees!

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!