Saturday, March 27, 2010

Intolerable Act #1

Congress is out of control.  They love taxing us and spending our money for their little projects.  I believe we are getting closer than ever to an economic collapse and civil unrest.  You must be prepared.  This unconstitutional healthcare law is just going to bring the inevitable collapse that much sooner.  And with that collapse I believe we will witness the start of a revolution.  What that change will be is up to the real patriots in this country.

I love it how the democrats are whining about being threatened after passing their healthcare law.  What the hell do you expect when you don't listen to the people, steal their money and then enslave them?  It just goes to show that they do not know our country's history. 

History really does repeat itself.  Congress and the federal government are today's British empire.  It's like we are colonies all over again paying for this empires' overseas adventures.  The colonies petitioned the British Parliament and King over and over to stop with their unjust laws and to follow their own constitution but they did not listen, as Congress and the President do not listen to us today.  We no longer have representation in Congress just like the colonists did not have representation in the British Parliament.  Could this new healthcare law be the first of what the colonists called the "Intolerable Acts" that united the colonies to begin the real resistance?  Will the states unite to resist the federal government as the colonies did?  I won't hold my breath for them but it is somewhat refreshing to hear states beginning to assert the 10th amendment and resist the federal government. 

I call this healthcare law the Intolerable Act #1 since this is only the first of the major new laws that will be used to try to coerce and control the people and take what little freedom we have left. 

So what caused the colonists to take up arms and begin shooting?  The British were coming to steal and  destroy their firearms and munitions.  This was the last straw and the colonists would not back down any more.  When the federal government begins banning all firearms and the police and soldiers come to your homes to confiscate your guns, what are you going to do?

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!


  1. Extremely well done, Dave.
    Mountain rifleman

  2. I'm with you on the unresponsive leaders who don't give a shit about the people. But calling the healthcare Bill the Intolerable Act #1 leaves out some lovely legislation like Patriot Act 1 and 2 and some other little numbers. But the speed of the action is gaining and we will be busy this Summer.


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