Sunday, February 6, 2011

Neighborhood Defense

Continuing from my previous post, after combining your neighborhood's resources when the SHTF you will ultimately have to defend those resources from looters and gangs.  Unfortunately most neighborhoods, including mine, will not have the best security since most of our neighbors did not think to prepare for a world without rule of law.  As seen in my previous post, the most vital survival resources (farms) of my neighborhood are located in the southeast section but the majority of the families live in the north section of the neighborhood.  I would say that the whole neighborhood is approximately 370 acres.  To defend this amount of property you must have several surveillance positions and patrols since most of the neighborhood is covered in tall pine trees and it would be hard to see the looters and gangs coming. 

Once you agree to cooperate with others in your neighborhood to combine and defend its resources, you may be the only one in your neighborhood with the mindset and knowledge to properly educate your neighbors on how to survive and defend the neighborhood.  You also may be the only person in the neighborhood that has enough weapons and ammunition to supply to your neighbors.  The leaders of your neighborhood before the SHTF most likely will not know what to do in a situation where they do not have police to enforce rule of law.  I highly recommend that you prepare for this type of situation even if you believe it may not happen in your lifetime.  Who would of thought Egypt and Tunisia would fall into turmoil so quickly?  Hopefully it will never happen here but being prepared for it is much better for your survival. 

To prepare to defend your neighborhood you will need to learn basic defense and offensive tactics.  For those who were never in the military, like myself, it may be difficult to practice and properly learn these tactics.  However, one option would to join a paintball or airsoft team or have a group of friends paintball fight each other.  Paintball is popular in my area and in fact there are 2 paintball fields just in my township.  It's not the same but you can learn the basic concepts and maneuvers which will enable you to teach your neighbors who will patrol the neighborhood with you. 

There's a lot of information on the internet where you can learn about basic military tactics.  Below are a few videos by SouthernPrepper1 that gives a good basic introduction on how to engage an enemy while on patrol.  I recommend that you learn as much as you can about various military tactics, learn your neighborhood's terrain and the best way to defend it.  If there is ever a time when the SHTF you will be prepared to defend not only yourself and your family but your whole neighborhood.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!