Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Using Wooden Pallets

Many companies receive products on pallets and a lot of these companies just throw out these pallets.  Many times they will place the pallets on the curb for others to pick up for free.  Check Craigslist to see if any companies are giving away pallets.  I have started collecting pallets from some of the warehouses where I live.  I mainly intend to use them for the wood stove that I will be making out of barrels.  However, there are some interesting things that can be made out of pallets.  You can build a fence for the garden, a wood shed, a temporary shelter, and just about anything you can think of.  I used some pallets and a 8 foot section of cedar fence that I had laying around to build a small structure to hold fire wood.  See the photos below.  Once I obtain more pallets I may add a makeshift roof to keep the wood dry. 

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Will New Jersey join the rest of the country?

I live in New Jersey and the only place I can carry a firearm is on my property.  Every time I step off my property I am forced to never be fully prepared to defend myself. I do have a concealed carry handgun permit for Florida and Virginia which enables me to carry a firearm in approximately 33 states but that doesn't help me in New Jersey.  New Jersey has unconstitutionally restricted our right to bear arms for a very long time.  The Second Amendment Foundation has finally filed a lawsuit against the State of New Jersey in order for them to stop requiring a "justifiable need" in order to obtain a carry permit.  See the SAF website for more information. You can also read the complaint filed with the District Court here.  Hopefully the federal courts will agree with SAF and turn New Jersey into a "Shall" issue state.  I'm sure New Jersey will drag this court fight out for a long time so I won't get my hopes up. 

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Practice fire building and cooking

Since the last time I started a fire was back in the early 1990's I decided to practice my fire starting skills.  It brought back a lot of good memories as a Boy Scout.

You should practice starting a fire several different ways.  Some of the ways you can start a fire are with matches, a lighter, flint and steel, a 9 volt battery and steel wool, and a bow and drill.    If you are proficient in starting a fire even without matches or a lighter you will be prepared to survive outdoors if it were to ever get that bad. 

Below is a short video and some photos.  This is my first video and my first fire in years so don't laugh!! I really did not edit the video but just combined the video from several clips. As discussed in the video I took out my Boy Scout Handbook and created a Crisscross Fire Lay which is a type of fire lay when you want a bed of coals in a hurry for broiling or baking.   To start the fire I used a magnesium flint fire starter along with some dryer lint, hay and pine needles.

If you have not started a fire in several years, I recommend that you begin practicing your fire starting skills because you never know when you may need them.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Real use for Homemade Water Filter

During my hiatus my mind was not on preparing as I should have been. But what snapped me back into "reality" was that the public water system in my township was contaminated with E.Coli. 2 weeks ago and actually made several people in the township sick. As soon as I heard about the contamination I pulled out my Homemade Water Filter and started using it. See how to make your own Homemade Water Filter here.

Luckily I also have my own well so instead of filtering the public water I just filtered my well water (my well is not connected to a well filter). Based on my conversations with others in the township, it seems like I was the only one with a filter. The township's solution was to boil the water before drinking it or go buy lots of bottled water. Although boiling water will kill the E.coli. bacteria it can be very time-consuming and buying bottled water can get expensive in this type of situation. With a Big Berkley or Doulton type ceramic filter you can filter out E.coli. and other dangerous contaminates without the need to boil the water or spending money on bottled water. For those of you who may have a Brita filter. These filters are useless and only filter out dirt and sediment and some other things that would not kill you if you drank it. The Brita filter is just a feel good product and does nothing to protect you from real contamination.

During this situation, which lasted about 2 days, I realized just how unprepared people in my township are. Some people did not know what to do until the township recommended that they boil the water. What would happen to these people if a real disaster were to occur? What would happen to you if you are not prepared?

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to preparing

It's been a while since I posted.  More important things took priority.  Thanks to all who stopped by every now and then to check up on me.  My wife is doing better.  I hope to post on a more regular basis.

For now, check out this trailer of a new movie coming out.  It's called Remnants.  It looks like it will be pretty good.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!