Thursday, February 4, 2010

Why carry a Firearm?

I am sure that most people reading this blog own firearms for protection.  For those that don't you should obtain a good firearm as soon as possible.  To truly be prepared you must be able to protect yourself.    I'm not a gun expert so I won't even try to explain which gun is best to buy.  For me, its only been approximately 3 years since I bought my first firearm.  My wife was actually the first to buy a firearm.  Go figure!  But she did work for our township police department as a clerk so that made it that much easier for both her and myself to obtain these unconstitutional permits to buy firearms.  If you ever lived in New Jersey then you would know how difficult and long it takes to obtain a firearm purchaser ID and a permit to buy a handgun.

Once you obtain your firearm and take training classes then I recommend that you obtain a license to carry or conceal a firearm.  Unfortunately for me, New Jersey does not issue carry permits to us mere subjects.  So I am unable to be prepared like I want to be unless I break the unconstitutional law.  However, I do have a Florida and Virginia concealed carry permit which enables me to carry in these states and other states including Pennsylvania.  Hopefully soon I can move out of this crazy state.

From experience I know for sure that carrying a firearm can make a difference in stopping a threat whether you have to fire a shot or not.  If there ever really was a wild west, Philly must have been a part of it!  Research studies say that most people do not know anyone that has been murdered. In college, I even had a class where they asked how many people knew someone who was murdered.  Out of about 70 people in the class only about 2 or 3 people raised their hand, myself included.   In fact, I know four people who have been murdered on the streets of North Philly.  My grandfather, my cousin and 2 friends have been murdered in the last 30 years.  The thing that really pisses me off is that 2 of the murders have never been solved.

Now what was the common denominator in these murders?  My grandfather, cousin and friends didn't carry or even own a firearm to defend themselves.  If they had a gun to protect themselves, there would have been a good chance they would be here today.

So to truly live the motto we must be prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones from those who want to do us harm.  Having a firearm is the ultimate protection tool.  Pepper spray, a knife, a club or martial arts can not compare to the protection a firearm can provide. 

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Here are a few photos of my small arsenal.  I still need a battle rifle:


Kimber Custom Target 1911, Glock 19, Sig Sauer Mosquito

Mossberg 500 Shotgun

Ruger 10/22 Rifle 


  1. Dave, I like your firearms. Mine are similar. I notice you talked about a rifle. About 58 years ago I chose two, the M1 Garand and the 03-A3 Springfield, both in 30-06, of course. The M1 Garand served us well in Korea as it did our military in WW11. The 03-A3 is a fine rifle. Most of its parts are in the bolt and they are easily changed. Spare parts fit in the buttstock, striker, ejector and spring. It is very accurate. Its bayonet lug accepts the same bayonet as we used on our M1 Garands. Don't let the Mall Ninjas talk you into a poodle popper. You being a strong man, I know you can handle a real rifle.
    Best regards,
    Mountain rifleman

  2. yer doin' good, dude.

    Look at moving to a state that has open carry Idaho!


  3. Bob, I will most likely move to Pennsylvania. It's an open carry state, although you have to have a license to carry when you are in your vehicle or in Philadelphia.

  4. Hey Dave,
    Nice lil' collection for living in NJ. Good to see you are local (im in SP), we need more guys like you in this area. Look into moving to PA, NJ might as well be Canada. If you do find a battle rifle, you will be limited to 10 round magazines. Thats really an oxymoron isnt it?

  5. Thanks Mike. Yeah, NJ is terrible regarding firearms.