Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shoveling snow

The Philadelphia/South Jersey area received almost 2 feet of snow Tuesday and Wednesday night.  I had to shovel my driveway 3 times to keep up.  I'm still young (34) so it was not too bad but I realized that I am not in the shape I used to be.  Being in good physical condition at all times is a very important part of being prepared.  Being able to physically exert yourself, whether to defend yourself or flee to the hills on foot, without being winded or out of breath could be the determining factor in saving your life.  If you do not exercise on a regular basis I recommend you do so immediately.  You need to be able to know that your body will perform when needed.

One exercise program that I use and recommend is P90X. This program kicked my butt but it works. It's expensive but I needed a structured exercise routine.  I don't like going to the gym or running outside or on a treadmill all the time.  It will be hard but if you get through it and exercise on a regular basis you will know that your body will be prepared to handle any physical activity.

For all you men, remember real men use shovels! LOL  Lay off the snow blowers and get some exercise by shoveling snow.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!


  1. Real Men may use shovels, but Farmer's Daughters hook the snow blade to the John Deere and take care of business!

  2. I must not be a real man I don't even have a snow shovel. And In the 8 years of living in this part of CA I have not seen snow.

  3. LOL, Andrea that is a good one. Pete, I'll make an exception, using a regular dirt shovel will do.