Saturday, February 20, 2010

Are we getting closer to the SHTF?

Are we getting closer to the SHTF? I think so.  If you have not begun preparing for what is to come then you really need to wake up!  Preparing is not hard.  Get out there and stock up on food, water, medical supplies, firearms, ammo, etc.  This week has shown us the beginning of the end of the world as we know it.  I hope I'm wrong but all things point to the SHTF. 

This week we saw that now a whole country, Greece, needs a bailout from the European Union because of their debt.  I guarantee we will see more countries cry for help because they don't know how to control themselves and stop spending taxpayers' money. 

It was revealed that China, for the month of December, sold a ton of US treasury bonds and now Japan is once again the top holder of US trash, I mean bonds. Are the Chinese coming to their senses or just playing the game?  Don't know but it doesn't matter.  It's all going to collapse soon. 

We then saw a man fly his plane into an IRS office in Texas.  No need for me to debate whether or not it was right or wrong but is theft, slavery, murder, and rape openly committed by the U.S. government and its employees right?  It looks like karma is coming around fast and its only going to take a few more sparks until the fire ignites. 

Then in Ohio a man bulldozed his house to send a message to the banks. He said that he wanted to "make banks think twice before they try to take someone's home, and if they are going to take it wrongly, the end result will be them tearing their house down like I did mine." I think his real message for the banks was "I'm not going to be a slave anymore!"  He sacrificed his house to free himself and stick it to the bank.  A man who would do this is most likely prepared for what is to come.

So are you prepared?  The signs of what is to come are everywhere.  Preparing is just common sense.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!


  1. And Citibank announced that as of April 1, you will have to give them a 7 day notice prior to withdrawing YOUR monies from a checking account.

    An advance warning for what is about to happen?

    Like the man says: Be Prepared!


  2. The collapse is near and our time is short. Great post Dave

  3. Great post with a great message. I appreciate the sentiment.


  4. The European economy is crumbling, with it being a toss up whether the US or Japan will follow next. There has just been so much lying and thievery, when this hits, it won't be pretty.