Friday, November 19, 2010

Real use for Homemade Water Filter

During my hiatus my mind was not on preparing as I should have been. But what snapped me back into "reality" was that the public water system in my township was contaminated with E.Coli. 2 weeks ago and actually made several people in the township sick. As soon as I heard about the contamination I pulled out my Homemade Water Filter and started using it. See how to make your own Homemade Water Filter here.

Luckily I also have my own well so instead of filtering the public water I just filtered my well water (my well is not connected to a well filter). Based on my conversations with others in the township, it seems like I was the only one with a filter. The township's solution was to boil the water before drinking it or go buy lots of bottled water. Although boiling water will kill the E.coli. bacteria it can be very time-consuming and buying bottled water can get expensive in this type of situation. With a Big Berkley or Doulton type ceramic filter you can filter out E.coli. and other dangerous contaminates without the need to boil the water or spending money on bottled water. For those of you who may have a Brita filter. These filters are useless and only filter out dirt and sediment and some other things that would not kill you if you drank it. The Brita filter is just a feel good product and does nothing to protect you from real contamination.

During this situation, which lasted about 2 days, I realized just how unprepared people in my township are. Some people did not know what to do until the township recommended that they boil the water. What would happen to these people if a real disaster were to occur? What would happen to you if you are not prepared?

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!


  1. This post made me snicker...the filter for our homemade water filter arrived the same afternoon that our well was struck by lightning and we had to use pool water for 2 weeks until a new well was drilled! Then it was days until the water actually ran clear enough to use. Water filters aren't just for the apocalypse, you know!

  2. So true, you never know when you will need the things that you thought you were only going to use for a major disaster.

    The first thing one of my friends said when I told him I had a water filter was if I was preparing for the apocalypse. I didn't say yes or no but just reminded him that I was an Eagle Scout and that the Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared!