Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stay Alert - Be Prepared for anything

Part of being prepared is to also be alert for anything out of the ordinary.  I used to be a private investigator so I am always aware of anyone following me in their car.  Call me paranoid but I use to follow people and they did not have a clue.  So I'm driving home from the train station and I noticed a car with a couple teenagers in it driving slow on our major highway (2 lanes each way).  I pass this car on the right and then right after I pass the car they tried to speed up and pass in front of me but they could not since another car was turning left.  So I kept going, thinking nothing of it, and the car was about 150 yards behind me and behind other cars when I turned off the highway.  After I turned off I noticed that they followed.  I thought, this is normal, but I will keep my eye on them.  I then made another turn into the neighborhood where I live which is pretty much a densely wooded forest with a few houses.  Just so you know, this type of neighborhood is not the norm in New Jersey.  Most people live in the city or in suburban housing developments.

So the car then proceeded to follow me into my neighborhood.  I even slowed down to see if they would follow me and they did.  I thought this is still normal since I sometimes follow people from the highway into my neighborhood.  So instead of taking my normal route to my home I decided to see if this person was really following me.  I took a road that only a few people travel and is heavily wooded and has a fairly large chicken coop on the corner.  The road looks like a dead end when you approach but the road makes a sharp 90 degree left turn.  I thought if they were not following me then they would turn off or go another way.  But they didn't, they kept following me and after I made the sharp left turn they were still following me but as soon as they realized it was obvious that I could recognize that they were following me they stopped and turned off their headlights which made me laugh.  I then stopped at the stop sign up the street to see if they were going to continue following me but they did not.  Never saw the car again so I'm assuming they just turned around and went back the way they came into the neighborhood.

Luckily these were just some punk kids and were too scared to follow me any further into the forest! LOL.  I do not know what their intentions were.  They could have wanted to rob me when I pulled into my driveway.  Not that would have happened since I have an Akita guarding the property and several firearms always ready.  For a person who is unprepared and not alert this could have been a different outcome.

So we all need to Be Prepared, not just physically and with material items, but also mentally.  We must be aware of the actions of others and understand the meaning of their actions.  A person's actions almost always reveals what they are going to do or intend to do before they do it. 

Live the Motto - Be Prepared

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