Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Preparedness Bag Part 2 - Level 1 First Aid Kit

The next component of my Preparedness Bag is the Level 1 First Aid Kit to treat minor cuts, bleeding and other ailments.  I have bought several first aid kits but they never have everything you want or they are just too expensive.  So I decided to make my own basic kit which includes the things I most likely would need in case there are no paramedics or EMTs around.  Since I travel on the train everyday, it could take paramedics at least 10 minutes before they could get to the train station.  10 minutes is a long time especially with a life threatening emergency.  Every now and then there is a medical emergency on the train.  People have heart attacks, have motion sickness, vomit, there could be a fight on the train and a victim is injured and bleeding, etc.

If a medical emergency were to happen to someone sitting near me I want to Be Prepared to assist while the paramedics get to the station.  I also noticed that my office does not have an adequate first aid kit.  We only have regular band-aids in the office.  There are actually 3 other Eagle Scouts where I work but our office is still not prepared if someone has a life threatening medical emergency.  So here is a list of the items in my Level 1 First Aid Kit:

Various size Band-Aids
Butterfly Band-Aids
Several Gauze pads
Several Surgipads for bleeding
Several Kendall Telfa Antimicrobial Non-Adherent Dressings
Non-latex gloves
Cotton balls
Non-aspirin and aspirin
Antibiotic Ointment
Safety pins
Tape for dressings
Alcohol prep pads
Antiseptic Hand wipes
Electrolyte Tablets
Iodine prep pad
Paper bag for those about to vomit on the train (it's never any fun to sit on the train when someone vomits all over the seat and floor)

I also intend to include a couple of CPR shields so I will not hesitate to perform CPR on someone I do not know.  In addition, I will include some Celox or QuikClot for bleeding and possibly a couple suture kits once I take the time to learn some basic suturing. 

Here are a few pictures of my Level 1 First Aid Kit:

Live the Motto - Be Prepared


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