Saturday, November 5, 2011

Emergency Home Birth - Be Prepared

In my last post I talked about death but what about birth in long term disaster situations or even emergency situations where a soon to be mother cannot get to a doctor or hospital.  Although more and more mothers are giving birth at home the majority of mothers still go to the hospital to give birth and if we ever had a large scale disaster many people would not know what to do if they could not get to the hospital. So how can one be properly prepared for an emergency home birth?  As with anything relating to survival, you must prepare in advance.  A good article I found is Giving Birth “In Place”: A Guide to Emergency Preparedness for Childbirth by Deanne Williams, CNM, MSN.  You can download the .pdf article here.  In this article you will learn about the basic supplies you will need and the actions that you should take to ensure the mother and baby make it through the birth. 

 Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

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