Monday, August 29, 2011

Earthquakes and Hurricanes - Be Prepared

If you don't know, I live in New Jersey and this last week we had two potential natural disasters occur in one week.  The first was an earthquake.  This was the first earthquake I ever experienced and it only lasted about 30 seconds.  I was in Philly on the 17th floor of my office building when it happened.  Others in my office almost went into a full blown panic because they didn't know what to do.  The next event was Hurricane Irene which really was only a Tropical Storm by the time it hit New Jersey.  I rarely which TV but I turned it on for the weather coverage and it was ridiculous.  The media isn't interested in even telling the truth about the weather.  It's all about ratings and drama.  It's obvious that they wanted this storm to cause great damage and death.

These two events clearly showed how unprepared people are in this country, at least in this area.  Most of these people did not even have flashlights and batteries, let alone any food.  Like vultures they stormed the supermarkets and emptied all store shelves.  Even a few of the gas stations ran out of gas.  This shows that these people never think of worst case scenarios.  They'll try to explain that they are positive thinkers and that thinking about worst case scenarios is negative thinking.  If they had some foresight there would have been no need to panic, go on a buying binge and hope they will survive. 

What would have happened if we had a real earthquake or a real hurricane in the mid-Atlantic and Northeast region of the U.S.?  What if our homes and all the homes of our friends and family were destroyed?  It would have been chaos because most of these people do not know how to live outside which us Eagle Scouts call "Camping"!

I hope that those who find my blog and are new to preparing now understand why we prepare.  Just watching the news this past week should have revealed how unprepared people are today.  On any day, there could be a disaster, a job loss or other event that could change your lifestyle and force you to  adjust in order to survive.

If you are not prepared, I hope you wake up and get prepared.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

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