Monday, January 31, 2011

Neighborhood Survival

As you may know, Egypt is in turmoil and rioting, looting and killing has been occurring for several days.  Those living in the worst areas in Egypt are facing the SHTF and there are no police to be found to protect property and arrest criminals.  Because the police went home some of the people in the neighborhoods in Cairo formed groups to protect themselves and their property. 

That got me thinking about my neighborhood and if we were to cooperate with each other could we survive for an indefinite period of time without police and the luxuries of life like a supermarket.  My small neighborhood, about 100 families, is semi-rural (for New Jersey anyway) and if we were to cooperate in a SHTF situation I believe we could survive.   The neighborhood could easily be isolated and entry by vehicle could be made impossible.  The only issues would be patrolling the surrounding woods and having enough food to make it to the next harvest.  Another issue is, do I really want to cooperate myself which would most likely result in my neighbors knowing that I have more than enough food to survive to the next harvest for me and my family. The most likely conclusion is that I would need to cooperate with my neighbors if a real threat such as gangs of looters were to come into the neighborhood. 

In any case, the neighborhood has several 10+ acre farms, two 18+ acres of forest (mostly pine trees, not the best firewood but good enough) that are partially township owned and privately owned, a small chicken farm and a vineyard.  Some of my neighbors also raise some goats and others have horses. All homes have septic tanks and have both well and public water so sanitation and access to water, even if the power is out, should not be an issue. 

I have met some of my neighbors and most are sheeple and do not have any survival sense.  I've met one of the farmers directly behind my property and they seem to have a survival sense like most farmers do.  So if the SHTF I think we could survive for a while because of the resources in the neighborhood.

Below are aerial photos of my neighborhood.  I recommend that you get to know your neighbors and what resources may be available in your neighborhood in order to be prepared for the SHTF.  A lot of us are individualistic types but in certain situations and areas of the country (like New Jersey), you may need to cooperate with your neighbors to survive.

Live the Motto - Be Prepared!

Overall View of My Neighborhood
Farms located in the neighborhood including vineyard.  

Two 18+ acre forest for firewood

Small Chicken Farm

Neighbor with a few horses. 

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  1. Interesting stuff, Dave.

    I've wondered about that easy (or difficult?) it would be to block access to our area. We have a number of natural barriers...lakes, ponds, streams, extremely hilly/twisty old roads and small forests but there's also hundreds of acres of open fields. And as far as neighbors go, I'm not sure how helpful they'd be...most of my neighbors are older and this neighborhood is just beginning to 'turn over' you know? On the other hand, most of my neighbors are relatives and we all sort of look out for each other.

    Great topic to give thought to.